Unlocking Knowledge through Movies in Literary Works Class at STBA Persada Bunda

Selasa, 09 Januari 2024

Nabila Achyani Julia Putri

Better comprehend by watching a movie, why not?

Using movies as a learning tool in class with screenprojector then the students watch the movies and at the end of the class, the students and the lecturerwill discuss the relation of the movies with the material they are studying.

There are a lot of theories in Literary Works class that students need to understand. Not allstudent can grasp theories quickly, but some of them have problems understanding thetheory and easily get bored in class and move their attention and watch TikTok or Instagram that
more interesting for them. To deal with those events, the lecture on Literary Works MaamMaspufah used movies to attract students attention make the learning process enjoyable, andmotivate the students to look forward to the lesson.

The Movies can be a powerful tool in teaching. By presenting multiple perspectives in engagingand expressive ways, movies can enable students to gain a better understanding of and empathizewith, the life experiences of individuals and communities far removed from their day-to-dayreality. There are some opinions from English literature students regarding the use of moviesin Literary Works class. Hadim stated

I think learning using film is very exciting, apart fromthat I can understand the material easily because I can see directly what is meant by the theoryexplained previously.It is easier for students to provide their perspectives according to what is being discussedbecause they already understand the material presented and have been given examples through themovie. Winda After being explained and given examples through films, it turns out that I foundmany of the theories I learned in real life. For example, the self-defense mechanismhappened to me myself

Learning becomes fun because it makes it easy for students to understand the material throughfilms and that motivates students to look forward to the lesson. However, not all studentsfind it easy to use films as a learning tool. Some of them like learning through reading books togain an understanding of the material provided. Rahel stated Learning literary work throughmovies can be an interesting and effective method because visuals and audio can enrichunderstanding. However, the differences may lie in literary details that can be overlooked in
movie adaptations. A deeper understanding can be achieved through direct reading.

There are many ways to understand learning material, it can be by reading, discussing in class,and also with additional tools such as watching movies to deepen understanding. Every studenthas their way of understanding the material, and lecturers have their way ofpresenting the material. The most important thing is how the knowledge can have a good effecton the lecturer and those being taught.


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